19 may. 2014

Seventh-day Adventists claim to be the remnant church of biblicalprophecy. Following the historicist method of prophetic interpretation theysee themselves as the end time remnant predicted in Revelation 12:17. Specifically, they see their movement meeting the identifying marks of theremnant in the book of Revelation. These marks include commandmentkeeping (12:17), having the testimony of Jesus (12:17), perseverance(14:12), having the faith of Jesus (14:12), and proclaiming the three angels’messages (14:6-12). Adventists teach that one should keep all thecommandments of God, believe in gift of prophecy manifested through thewritings of Ellen White, persevere, have the faith of Jesus (the truths of theBible that Jesus believed and taught), and preach the three angels’ messageof Revelation 14:6-12 that prepares God’s people for the Second Advent.

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